Cadugan Ieuan

Iekodo's Javert


A lawbringer who is hunting Iekodo. Who knows when he’ll show up?


Appointed as a deputy lawbringer in Kingsove, the capital city of the island nation Famure, Cadugan pursued his duties with single-minded devotion. Kingsove is a vile place, where an elite upper class holds desperately to its power and wealth while oppressing the lower class that lives in abject poverty. Considering this situation, Cadugan found no shortage of desperate “criminals” to pursue. His record was completely flawless… until a young thief appeared on the scene. Cadugan and Iekodo circled each other repeatedly with numerous encounters. Somehow, despite his early lack of skills, Iekodo managed to constantly escape, frustrating Cadugan to no end. Eventually, Iekodo was able to escape Famure completely, sneaking aboard a ship bound for Quana.

Cadugan went to his superiors and sought permission to pursue the thief. However, those in power were happy to have a blight on society simply gone and were not interested in seeking him out. Furious, Cadugan returned to his duties, but the escape of Iekodo grated on him. After two months, Cadugan could stand it no longer: he resigned his position and set out on a personal quest. He will track down Iekodo and bring him to justice, even if that justice is just Cadugan’s own sword.

Cadugan Ieuan

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