An older half-dwarf hero (retired)


Comah is a half-dwarf. He’s about five foot two inches tall and a grizzled veteran of many fights, as is obvious from the massive warhammer that never leaves his side. He has very strong ideas of justice, right and wrong and valor.


Comah was once a great hero who traveled the world of Doron on many adventures. His final adventure took place around seventeen years ago. All that is publicly known of this adventure is that they traveled to the mysterious Rasha Island, where they encountered Carn the dragon-lord.

Then Comah abruptly dropped out, moved out into the middle of nowhere and was never heard from again (except for a couple of friends in Natsah). Most people assume he got tired of the danger and just wanted out.

The truth is a little more complicated.

In that last adventure, Comah rescued a small child, barely more than an infant. Only the three other adventurers who also survived that particular encounter know that the child was far different from any they’d ever seen – gray skin, bald, strange bone growths. Some thought him to be the child of a demon. Comah scoffed at such talk and took the child with him.

Retreating into the wilderness to protect the child from suspicious and ignorant people, Comah raised the boy himself, training him in the ways of the valorous warrior. Comah wasn’t surprised at all when the boy demonstrated a strange affinity with the natural world. But he was surprised when the boy kept growing… and growing…

Clearly, the boy belongs to some forgotten race, a race that no longer exists… except that the boy, Dale, is here, so… somewhere out there he had parents. Do any others still live?

When the adventurers visited Comah at his cabin, he gave them directions to the ruined fortress of Lorenga, and sent Dale with them. He also turned Nasha over to them.


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