Kepher Gawnab

Head of the Natsah branch of the Gawnab Thieves' Guild


Kepher is a surly looking thief who is probably quite dangerous, but his own anger keeps him from becoming much more than he already is.


Kepher is the youngest son of Elder Gawnab, who runs the main thieves’ guild in Yikove. Kepher resents being stuck in Natsah, as he wants to inherit the main business. He’s also really annoyed that two of his best were recruited by Glin Hillhammer to run security for Glin & Son. A practitioner of the Midnight Blade style, Kepher owns a pair of deinonychus claw daggers which he is quite proud of.

After giving Iekodo a couple of minor jobs to test him, Kepher suggested that if Iekodo had a pair of those daggers, it would “say a lot.” If pressed, Kepher might be persuaded to give a recommendation to take to his father in Yikove…

Kepher Gawnab

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