The young and handsome prince of Quana


Handsome, in his early 20’s, Markove is considered Doron’s most eligible bachelor.


After losing his mother while he was still a young boy, Markove was raised in the court of Yikove. The eldest child of King Kurth, he quickly became well known for his enthusiasm bordering on recklessness. He honors and respects his father and is fiercely protective of his younger sister, Eudith. For a number of years in his mid-teens until the present, Markove traveled extensively, becoming involved in numerous adventures. The people of Quana adore Markove and spread exaggerated tales of his travels, increasing his fame as a warrior and leader. The only thing they dislike about him is that he has yet to find a wife. For now, Markove’s travels have ceased; his father needs his help as war is on the horizon.


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