O'vo Tannin

A gregarious oviraptor who fancies himself a tour guide


O’vo is a swiftscale bandit (oviraptor in Earth terms). His feathery scales are very colorful, but the crest on his head is his pride and joy. He stands about four feet tall, but is capable of lifting his head up a little higher. His overall length is six feet. He wears an oddly-shaped container strapped to his forearm, as well as a belt holding various pouches.


O’vo Tannin thinks very highly of himself. He advertises his services in the city of Yikove as a guide, claiming to know where everything is in the city… and he’s mostly right. In spite of (or because of?) his outlandish appearance, O’vo moves with ease throughout every strata of society in Yikove. He seems to know everyone and is known by everyone. While his physical prowess may not be all that much, he is confident in his ability to talk himself out of just about any hazardous situation.

After assisting the PCs on numerous occasions during their adventures in Yikove, O’vo’s final actions were shocking. Crying out that his actions were not his own (mind-control?), he stole the broken sword of Aman from Aredhel and followed the Enchantress through the portal.

O'vo Tannin

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