Qashar is a diplomat from the Sathar tribe in Sarg. He’s a very serious individual, always well-dressed and well-mannered.


Qashar met Errol Hillhammer in the village of Natsah and persuaded him to assemble a party of adventurers for a special job. Qashar explained to them that as a diplomat from Sarg, he was on his way to Yikove for King Kurth’s council of war. Unfortunately, too many northerners do not believe that evil is rising. Qashar urged the party to explore the ancient ruin of Lorenga and search for tangible, hard evidence of evil, to help persuade his people to side with King Kurth and Quana.

Errol Hillhammer‘s party found evidence of Carzag the Necromancer. They travelled to Yikove to meet with Qasher. Only to be given another task to search the desert to the south for even more evidence. After returning with further indications of a coming war, the party found the manor on fire. Upon entering, they found Qasher dead and his aide, Aluqah furious, with torn clothes, numerous wounds, and Qashar’s blood smeared on his face.


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