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  • Naarai

    First noticed briefly at The Joyful Bard in Natsah, Naarai was seen again in Lorenga leading an assorted band of mercenaries or something. He ran away in the company of [[:drigssk | Drigssk]]. Later, the two of them were discovered hiding in the lowest …

  • Sephek Lightwalker

    Sephek left his tribe many years ago and knows little of what they are doing now, though rumors of tribute to Gison Thorelon trouble him greatly.

  • Makittuq

    Makittuq is one of the elders of the Amaruq tribe of the Amaiss. He is the father of [[:patuktuq | Patuktuq]], Nasamiituq, and Aqakuktuq.

  • Nasamiituq

    Oldest son of [[:makittuq | Makittuq]] and older brother to Aqakuktuq and [[:patuktuq | Patuktuq]]. Also the champion of the Amaruq tribe.

  • Aqakuktuq

    Second son of [[:makittuq | Makittuq]], younger brother of [[:nasamiituq | Nasamiituq]] and older brother of [[:patuktuq | Patuktuq]]. Possible traitor. At the very least deceived because of his affections for a strong warrior of the Whitescale Tribe.

  • Aipalovik

    The wise woman and tattoo artist for the Amaruq tribe of the Amaiss. Also an Intelligencer Sage in the Keepers of Hope. No one is quite sure how old she is, but it's ancient. Her assistant, Ila, has despaired of ever taking her place.

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