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  • Aredhel

    Aredhel was born into a long line of appointed nobles in the Elven city of Annui Annon. In accordance to tradition, following the passing of his father (a tragic event involving a failed emissary convoy to the far south*), Aredhel Tangadrion took on the …

  • Machaira Ktistes

    Machaira was visiting The Joyful Bard in Natsah when he observed a bar fight involving the adventuring party. [[:aredhel | Aredhel]] engaged him in conversation afterwards, in which Machaira praised his technique and offered to give him more training …

  • Aina DĂșlin

    Aina DĂșlin is a noble elf woman who was traveling through Quana when she was abducted. She was then held as a slave in the Desire, Natsah's upscale brothel. Despite her horrible experience, Aina has maintained her elvish demeanor of seemingly "above it …

  • Foix Tangadrion

    Foix was once a great hero, whose exploits have been told and re-told many times. He traveled extensively with [[:comah | Comah]] and others, fighting many foes. His encounter with Carn was his final adventure, and he never fully recovered from it.

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