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  • Kepher Gawnab

    Kepher is the youngest son of Elder Gawnab, who runs the main thieves' guild in Yikove. Kepher resents being stuck in Natsah, as he wants to inherit the main business. He's also really annoyed that two of his best were recruited by [[:glin | Glin …

  • Dagger

    Dagger is one of Kepher Gawnab's thieves in Natsah. A practitioner of the Midnight Blade style, Dagger is paired off with a girl his own age. They do not get along at all and look for every possible way to split off from each other, even though their …

  • Alesia Gawnab

    Cruel and moody, Alesia sometimes behaves as if she’s a little bit insane, but it’s all an act to throw off her opponents. She enjoys the rumors that spread about her and sometimes devises ones of her own. While her looks attract many admirers, few, if …

  • Kaler Slone

    Kaler is Elder Gawnab's nephew. He runs the thievery side of the Guild's operations in Yikove, under the supervision of the Elder and Alesia.

  • Rulis

    Rulis runs the assassination side of the Gawnab Thieves' Guild in Yikove, as well as being in charge of the arena.

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