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    O'vo Tannin

    O'vo Tannin thinks very highly of himself. He advertises his services in the city of Yikove as a guide, claiming to know where everything is in the city... and he's mostly right. In spite of (or because of?) his outlandish appearance, O'vo moves with ease …

  • Kurth

    King Kurth is well respected and loved by most Quana's population. He is the father of [[:markove | Markove]] and [[:eudith | Eudith]], whose mother tragically died of illness when both were very young. He has done much to improve the infrastructure of …

  • Markove

    After losing his mother while he was still a young boy, Markove was raised in the court of Yikove. The eldest child of King [[:kurth-2 | Kurth]], he quickly became well known for his enthusiasm bordering on recklessness. He honors and respects his father …

  • Eudith

    Eudith has rejected numerous suitors from around the known world. Her near-romance with the prince of Montair is considered an epic tragedy by court-followers. Having lost her mother while a tiny child, Eudith was spoiled rotten by her father [[:kurth-2 | …

  • Arn Ogresbane

    Arn is a veteran of many battles, the most famous of which gave him his name, Ogresbane. That same battle is where he lost most of the use of his left arm, though he can still carry a shield into battle. Grim and serious, Arn believes in being fully …

  • Deton

    Deton serves as adjutant to [[:arn-ogresbane | Arn Ogresbane]], commander of Quana's armies. His bright outlook provides quite a contrast to Arn's grim demeanor. Despite that, the two men trust each other explicitly. Deton is tasked with a wide variety of …

  • Kanaph

    Kanaph has served the Eternal for as long as he can remember. He first heard the infinite voice when he was a young teen. Since that time, he has advised and prophesied, primarily in the realm of Quana, though he has traveled quite extensively. Calling …

  • Wacox

    A strange mix of cluelessness and sarcasm, Wacox has been charged with taking care of the Sarg diplomats while staying in Yikove.

  • Alesia Gawnab

    Cruel and moody, Alesia sometimes behaves as if she’s a little bit insane, but it’s all an act to throw off her opponents. She enjoys the rumors that spread about her and sometimes devises ones of her own. While her looks attract many admirers, few, if …

  • Kaler Slone

    Kaler is Elder Gawnab's nephew. He runs the thievery side of the Guild's operations in Yikove, under the supervision of the Elder and Alesia.

  • Rulis

    Rulis runs the assassination side of the Gawnab Thieves' Guild in Yikove, as well as being in charge of the arena.

  • Emristan

    Emristan is a human mage who has a less-than-reputable job involving the Malak.

  • Roan Onuryn

    Roan is a merchant who specializes in fine clothing and owns three separate businesses in the city of Yikove. He is also the current president of the Merchants' Alliance.

  • Ghezar

    Though beloved and reverenced for his decades of service, Ghezar is now very forgetful about many things, due to his advanced age. He tends to leave most of the temple responsibilities to the younger bishops, not just because he sometimes forgets what he' …

  • Rholl Cragsplinter

    Rholl Cragsplinter is a dwarven alchemist whose shop is very small, but strategically located at the crossroads in the central market of Yikove. He is not a member of the Yikove Merchants' Alliance, which causes him some trouble from time to time.

  • Sephek Lightwalker

    Sephek left his tribe many years ago and knows little of what they are doing now, though rumors of tribute to Gison Thorelon trouble him greatly.

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