Natsah is a large village (nearly a city, really) located on the primary trade route of Quana – the Running River. Trade flows from Arkdan on the coast to Yikove, the ­capital city further up the river. Natsah is the number one stopping point along the way to Yikove, as most sailors don’t want to fight their way all the way up the river without a break. Because of the immense business coming up the river, the king of Quana has embarked on a major highway project from Yikove to Natsah to relieve some of the river congestion.

Consequently, the inns, taverns and so forth do a very brisk business with sailors and tradesmen. In fact, much of the village is built around servicing travelers. Shops abound, hoping to lure travelers to spend their money here, rather than in the capital (as such, their prices are very competitive). This also attracts the baser elements of society. As a result, almost anything can be found in ­Natsah, if you know where to look and have the right connections… and the right amount of gold.

Most of society’s more questionable or poorer members congregate in the southwest portion of the town, known as Lowtown, both for the lower elevation (which causes slight flooding during exceptional Spring thaws) and the perspective of those who live there.

Natsah is also located on the fringe of the great Plains of Argon. A large number of farmers have claimed their ­territory here, within reach of the village. Those further out are the ones who are most confident in their ability to protect themselves, as many a bandit has discovered to his regret. Many farmers take their crops to Yikove to sell, but quite a few do a solid business selling to the inns and ­travelers here in town. A thriving farmers’ market takes up a primary location in the center of town.

The village is run by an elected city council overseen by a Count appointed by the king. A sheriff and a handful of deputies try to oversee order.


Yikove is the capital city of Quana, built where two great rivers come together. King Kurth reigns from here, the central and greatest city of the northern lands.

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