Locations of Interest in Natsah


Some of the places you might be interested in visiting (or avoiding) in the thriving town of Natsah.

The Joyful Bard

One of the many taverns/inns in Natsah, The Joyful Bard considers itself a respectable ­business, though certainly not as “elite” as the Natsah Inn. Rooms average around 5 sp per night.

Farmers’ Market

This central location is the busiest place in town… and for miles around. While many small farmers set up tiny booths to display their wares, larger landowners have entire shops. The proximity to the ­harbor allows food to be delivered to boats immediately on purchase. There’s much more to be found than just food, however. This is also the location of the most ­prestigious shops in town.


Only slightly less busy than the market, the harbor has boats and barges coming and going at all hours. It may look like utter chaos, but the whole scene is ­actually coordinated very well by the harbormaster, Ric Haras. He’s been in charge for fourteen years now and prides himself on keeping commerce moving and thriving.

Natsah Inn

Considered the most respectable and ­upscale place to stay in Natsah, and for good reason. The Natsah Inn prides itself on the best of care for all its ­visitors (as long as they can pay for it). It’s said that Prince Markove himself stays here when he’s passing through town on one of his adventures. A room here will cost at least 2 gp per night.

Noble House

Located at the top of Natsah’s highest hill (jeeringly called “Noble Hill” by the lower classes), Count Atsluwth lives here with his family. Ostensibly, he was appointed by King Kurth to run Natsah, but the Count doesn’t much care about the intricacies of actually working. He leaves things up to the council, who tend to leave things up to the sheriff. The whole system is quite corrupt, but Count Atsluwth would certainly argue with that description of things. In his view, the town runs itself quite nicely, and he gets to enjoy the fruits of the city’s wealth and prosperity.

The Quayside Alehouse

The most dominant (of many) taverns near the harbor that cater especially to visiting sailors. While not as rowdy as the Twin Floods Meadhall, the atmosphere can be somewhat raucous. The Alehouse also offers a few boarding rooms in a low-slung building next door, as long as you don’t mind sharing. Bunks run 2 sp apiece. Just watch out for the lice.


Desire is an upscale “house of ill repute” that everyone pretends doesn’t exist. It caters to upper-income residents and its prices are significant. The owner, Keira Wayfarer, would say you get what you pay for. One of the most alarming rumors that has recently started circulating is that Keira now has an actual she-elf available for only the most… elite clientele. If this is true, it is doubtful that the elf is working in such a place out of her own free will…

Twin Floods Meadhall

The meadhall gets its name because twice a year, both early and late Spring, half of the building actually floods as the river rises. The owners and frequent patrons of the tavern think this is quite entertaining, which gives some idea of what kind of place the Twin Floods Meadhall is. Bar fights are an almost nightly occurrence among the sailors that dominate the clientele, but it’s all in good fun.

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Locations of Interest in Natsah

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