Quana – Quana is a traditional monarchy, ruled at this time by a noble and honorable king named Kurth. He has two children – a son, the heir apparent, named Markove; and a daughter, Eudith, a gorgeous young woman who is the target of noble suitors from both within Quana and from many nearby realms. The land is diverse, stretching from the Caspian Ocean on the west to the Argon Sea on the east.

Sarg – Sarg is a collective name for the vast wastelands north of Quana. The people of Sarg are a matriarchal culture, with a variety of tribes of differing sizes, some consisting of only one large family, while others are the size of small nations.

Cark – To the south of Quana is Cark. Not much is known about this land (at least by the general population of the North), except that much of it is under the direct dominion of the Shadow, making the people there very warlike. The nearest “settlement” of any kind is Yara Castle nestled against a ridge of dark mountains. Somewhere south of that is the rumored dwelling of the Shadow.

Khoresh – The woodland realm of the elves lies eastward across the Argon Sea and beyond the nation of Montair.

Arkalania – The fabled home of the thallasalaos is supposedly to the west in the midst of the Caspian Ocean.

Other Lands – Across the Argon Sea to the immediate east are a number of lands, including a large wild area dominated by dinosaurs, shifters and wandering beasts. Also a variety of nations such as Montair, Cratoit, and others…

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