Most of the civilized races at least claim to worship one God. He is known by various names, though most of them describe His attributes, such as the Eternal, or the Unchanging One. The devout prefer these titles, as speaking His actual name seems too holy of an act. His temples can be found in almost every major settlement and most clerics and paladins act in His name. Regular worship takes place in the temples, as well.

In many larger cities and villages, this worship has devolved to nothing more than lip service. Many see the services as nothing more than a place to meet new clients for one’s business or to impress the local populace with one’s devotion.

Central to the worship is a set of Sacred Writings that detail the Eternal’s works in the past, starting with His creation of all that is. Initially, Doron and its peoples lived in peace and harmony and looked forward to endless days of joy and excitement in the presence of their Creator. But then evil entered the world in the form of a being known only as the Lord of Night. He tempted a man, Ekadiz, into disobeying the laws of the Creator and thus the world was changed.

Many other stories are included in the Writings of Doron’s early days following the fall of Ekadiz. This includes the tale of the Great Cataclysm, in which the lands were split apart and the Argon Ocean was formed; the rise of the four dragon-lords and their allegiance to the Lord of Night; the coming of the Shadow, a powerful emissary of Night, and more… They also tell of how the Eternal worked through these times, sometimes speaking directly to chosen ones, sometimes sending messages through neflar (prophets), or the mysterious star-beings.

Though many claim to be neflar, the most well-known at this time is a man called Kanaph, who lives in Quana’s capital, Yikove.

In the Sacred Writings, the Unchanging One tells of a world beyond this one, a world where His faithful followers will join Him after this life. This new world is perfected once again, where the faithful will experience everlasting life and adventure. Only those who repent of their transgressions and seek to follow the Eternal with all their heart may enter this world. The fate of the unfaithful is eternity in a dire underworld that, while frightening, is not clearly defined (at least in the writings as revealed thus far).

Of course, there are other religions, most of which hide beneath the surface, as their presence is not considered… proper… by most civilized peoples. Various other gods, such as the ogre’s supposed patron, Kwent, are worshipped in hidden cults, even within the largest cities. One particularly vile cult worships Gison Thorelon, a mysterious creature who dwells underground somewhere and claims to be the lord of the Underworld. And it is said that cults have sprung up in recent days that worship the Shadow himself…

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