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A shadow is rising. Rumors of evil swirl.
Armies of darkness have been seen moving
beneath the darkening clouds.
Nervous glances toward the south are coupled with
whispers of the return of an ancient evil known only as
the Shadow, or Tsarar.
His power is growing, as is the power of those who would be his lieutenants: sorcerers, necromancers,
and even the dreaded dragon-lords.
While everyone seems to agree that evil is growing,
no one is quite sure what can or should be done about it…
For a people that have forgotten their past…
are destined to repeat it.

One small group of adventurers find themselves caught up in the chaos of a nation preparing for war –
investigating deadly rumors, scouting enemy armies,
hunting down conspiracies and dealing with rampant intrigue.
At the same time, they find themselves the recipients
of a much larger quest –
a quest that may find a way to dispel the Shadow
and bring peace back to the world of Doron.

An elvish noble. A restless dwarf. A barely-tamed shifter.
A thief. An outcast from the far north.
And a relic of a forgotten race.
Will this disparate group find the strength they need?
Is their faith strong enough – faith in their companions…
and in something greater than themselves?

Shadow of Night

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