Modules in this Campaign

For levels 1-3. Hired to investigate reports of growing evil, a disparate group of adventurers journey to an ancient ruined fortress, discovering much more than they came to seek. Current status: completed.

For levels 4-6. Shaken by their previous adventure, the adventurers travel to the capital city. Will they be hailed as heroes or shunned as outcasts? While leaders debate the wisdom of war, what lurks beneath the city’s bright appearance? Current status: completed.

For levels 5-7. Pursuing the Enchantress of the North, the heroes find themselves in a new environment. From the heights of an incredibly ancient tower full of secrets to the depths of the Enchantress’ fortress, the heroes must fulfill their quest while avoiding a war between two tribal factions. With this module, we transition to D&D 5e. Current status: writing, approx. 45% done.

The remaining modules are in long-range planning:

Module 4 (levels 10-12) is tentatively titled “The Depths of Yara.” Setting: desert/mountain/castle/dungeon.

Module 5 (levels 13-15) is tentatively titled “Under the Sea.” Setting… unique.

Modules 6-8 are so far in the planning stage that they have no specific title/setting concepts. Well, except that 7 will involve a particular island and 8 will involve a particular mountain.

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Modules in this Campaign

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