The following is what is generally known or believed about these people or beings. Since so much of the past is clouded, who can say for certain how much of what is repeated is completely accurate? Only the zakar (scribes) may know for sure…


Carn is one of the only surviving members of an ancient race known as the kerensé. Little is known of them save that they were supposedly wiped out in the early ages of Doron, except for four of them who went to the Lord of Night begging for power. These four became the immortal dragon-lords. One’s name is lost from all memory and no one knows what became of him. Two others, Regan and Rong, brothers, were heavily involved in the wars of the early ages. Rong is said to still dwell in a dark tower in the kingdom of Cratoit, but few have seen him in hundreds of years. Regan’s fate is also lost to memory.

But Carn lives on. Established firmly within his towering stronghold on an island in the Argon Sea, Carn continues to involve himself in numerous evil schemes around the world. For example, he is said to have been behind the downfall of the kingdom of Argona and the destruction of its royal house. He rarely leaves the island himself, but when he does, it is in the company of an immense red dragon.

Dragon-lords are said to have mental control over dragons as well as the dragon-men, whom they supposedly bred in ancient times.


Ekadiz is regarded as the most cursed of all names. In the Sacred Writings, it is said that Ekadiz was a man in Doron’s first age who was tempted by the Lord of Night. He disobeyed the commands of the Eternal and thus brought evil into the world. After this, numerous legends arose around his name. Stories claim that he became a great sorcerer, perhaps the most powerful who ever lived. His wicked deeds are said to be endless… though it is hard to discern how much of these legendary deeds belonged to him or to his son, Ekadiz II. Thus does history become confused…

Gison Thorelon

No name has more mystery and legend ascribed to it than that of Gison Thorelon. Who is he? Where did he come from? No one seems to know. His origins are shrouded in ages past. What remains are whispered rumors and most of all… fear. For Gison is said by some to be Lord of the Underworld, a demon who devours the souls of the sinful. (This contradicts the Sacred Writings, of course, and the true faithful are quick to point it out.) Some believe Gison to be merely a legend, but if so, it is a persistent one that has endured for longer than memory, as he is mentioned in the most ancient of writings (the Sacred Writings themselves do not mention him, oddly enough). Whether he rules the Underworld or not, he is always associated with somewhere beneath the ground and commands vast legions of evil beings. He himself is considered the primary servant of the Lord of Night (besides the Shadow).

Cults that serve Gison are among the most vile, involving hideous human sacrifice. They have sprung up throughout history in every land, despite constant attempts to stamp them out. A few nations even now turn a blind eye to the dealings of these cults, as eradicating them has proven too difficult. One of the most troubling rumors of recent days is that Gison demands a tithe of the finest warriors of the Amaiss once every few years, taking these warriors into his service beneath the ground to act as his personal bodyguards…


Kandaz was brother to Ekadiz the first, he who brought evil into the world. Kandaz counseled his brother against the Lord of Night’s temptations, but to no avail. In the Sacred Writings, stories are told of a long and bitter war between the brothers and how they both died together in the end, still fighting.

Kinon the Young

One of the greatest of heroes of the past, Kinon the Young is featured in many a tale. He was a powerful servant of the Eternal, steadfast in all his ways. His most storied adventure revolved around a set of gems known as the Jewels of Truth. The quest for the jewels spanned the globe and pitted Kinon and his companions against numerous foes including the dragon-lords and their ally, Shakath the necromancer. Though Kinon was ultimately successful in his quest, the jewels themselves, like so much else, have been lost to memory…

Lord of Night

The Lord of Night is described in the Sacred Writings as one of the Eternal’s own, a star-being, as some call them. Evil was found in him and he rebelled against his Master. When he was cast out of the Eternal’s home, he made his way to Doron, tempting the man Ekadiz to sin. Though he has not been seen himself on Doron again, he is still considered the ruler of all evil. Some of society’s most educated members today doubt his existence, seeing him as only a metaphor for evil itself.

Tsarar, the Shadow

The Shadow is a being of pure darkness, or so it is said. Primary servant of the Lord of Night, he enforces his master’s will upon Doron with unbelievable power. His origin, like so many others, is a mystery, though it is said he was summoned in the early ages by Ekadiz II. His dwelling is rumored to be atop Mount Naqab within the nation of Cark.

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